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Why learn the hard way?

When it comes to adapting to everyday life in a new country, immigrants are still left to their own devices.

Welcome to America: The Complete Guide for Immigrants fills the information void for people new to the US. Although it was written primarily for immigrants, we are sure that international students, businesspeople, and others who come to the US for extended periods of time will also find it useful because there are very few books on this subject and none of them covers all the issues important to new American residents in such details.

The book explains how to:

• rent an apartment
• buy a car
• open a bank account
• establish a credit history
• find a job
• pay taxes
• control your income and expenses
• get an education
• buy a home
• and much more

In addition to being an excellent reference source for newcomers in the US, Welcome to America also gives them an opportunity to practice reading and understanding English. Russian speakers will find the book's unique bilingual format especially valuable. It has English text and its Russian translation on opposite pages.

“Finding that she could not get on with her history without such a knowledge of Latin as would enable her to read the medieval documents with ease, Betty had set about learning the classical language.  She troubled to acquire only the elements of grammar and then started, with a translation by her side, to read the authors that interested her. It is a very good method of learning a language and I have often wondered that it is not used in schools. It saves all the endless turning over of dictionaries and the fumbling search for meaning. After nine months Betty could read Latin as fluently as most of us can read French.”

 W. Somerset Maugham «The Human Element»

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Welcome to America The Complete Guide for Immigrants

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